Titan hinges

TITAN heavy duty

As big as a fixed glazing: window with TITAN heavy duty.

The TITAN heavy duty view hinge gives the necessary lightness to heavy wood or wood-aluminium blades. And this is already noticeable during assembly: with the frame bottom hinge bolt with practicable opening brake you can hang the blade more easily, inserting the pin of the top frame hinge is possible in any position of the blade and adjustment lateral and height is no problem, even at high weights.

    large window formats with an elegant hinge design
  • for wooden or wood-aluminium windows with leaf width up to 1.80 m and height of 3 m
  • reliable load capacity: oscillo-swing blade up to 200 kg and practicable blade up to 300 kg
  • combination of wear-resistant cast steel with special surface treatment
  • Innovative ball bearing for high and long-lasting comfort of use
  • milling in the frame the same as those of standard windows
  • without thermal bridges thanks to the perimeter joint

Efficiency with an elegance that gives wings: titan wood view hinge.

    • only one variant for all sheet weights up to 150 kg: identical minimum space needed in the frame, no additional parts
    • fast and efficient production thanks to the optimized double-pan contour
    • possibility of loose bar machining, symmetrical milling and screwing pattern
    • easily hang in any opening position using the polygonal pin of the top frame hinge, with built-in practicable opening brake
    • Slender and modern design: flush with the upper and lower wing, all hidden screws, possibility to use lids and lacquers
    • wear-resistant PVC support and anti-efraction protection in the folding position
    • reduction of thermal bridges: double pot with diameter of 30 mm