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AITIM opens its Youtube channel with three videos about passive modular wooden houses

AITIM opens its Youtube channel with these three videos about the exciting world of modular passive wooden houses engraved last December 1st at the ABS wooden mobile home factory in Azuqueca (Guadalajara). As you will see are videos recorded in situ, with the freshness and limitations of “direct”.

With this prototype house certified by Passivhaus the company begins an interesting journey that aims to substantially improve the image of this type of buildings on which there are still certain prejudices.imagen_8692

In January 2017 the house will be finished and will be exposed to the public through the internet through a website where all its variables will be monitored.

The factory already has the first order for a much larger passive house than this prototype and expects demand to grow in a man
was important in the coming months.

Here you can see the videos https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7o3gGBUauHc7TSmsHThySwand this is the company’s website http://www.abs.es/